Transitional objects is series of 5 stitched sculptures made using a selection of used sheets, towels and clothing that belonged to my parents who both died in 2021. Making the sculptures has been a cathartic part of my grieving process. 

The sculptures were made for the seam collective exhibition, A Visible THREAD, and I have written a blog post about the ideas and processes involved in their research and development. You can find it on seam's website - Busting someone eles's stash: on collecting sustainability and grief. 

Please click on the image below or here for more information, videos and images:

Transitional objects Heyzine cover

Transitional objects were first shown at ACEarts, Somerton in Nov/Dec. 2022, where visitors were invited to interact with them. Here are some images of the sculptures installed at ACEarts and some of visitors interacting with them: 

I am challenging myself to be more sustainable in my practice so everything I used to make these sculptures was recycled or were things I already had. 

Here are images of the individual sculptures:

Transitional object 1 (also called (m)other 2) : used sheet, towel & underwear, zip, label

Transitional object 2: vintage blanket, used sheet & plastic undersheet, zip, label

Transitional object 3: imitation leather, used waterproof undersheet, flannels & towel, canvas, felted knitting, used clothing, fake fur, label

Transitional object 4: used duvet cover & shower curtain, leather, towel, canvas, tights, felted knitting, label

Transitional object 5: used duvet cover, duvet, sheet, & hospital gown, fake fur, imitation leather, tights, human hair, nails, PVC, netting, label

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