Stash, 2023, is a shapeshifting, wearable, knitted sculpture. It's knitted in a wide spectrum of blues selected from a large stash of mixed yarn I was given by a friend, which had belonged to her mother. I have written a blog post for seam collective about the ideas and processes involved in the making of Stash, which you can read here - Stash busting and shapeshifting

I researched and developed this sculpture specifically for seam collective's Arts Council-funded tour, A Visible THREAD and have installed it twice so far, as part of the tour, in two very different ways: 

It made its debut at A Visible THREAD, Black Swan Arts in Frome, where I was able to trial various methods of installation. I finally  suspended it from the ceiling in the stairwell leading up to the gallery, a triffid-like, tentacled sculpture looming above the space. It was there from 16 Sept - 29 Oct 2023: 

 It was then installed in a very different way at A Visible THREAD, Llantarnam Grange, Cwmbran from 17 Feb -4 May 2024:


Please read my blog post on the seam website for more about the concept and processes behind the making of this piece. I am especially intrigued by Stash's shapeshifting qualities and although I appreciate both of these installations in different was, in my mind's eye I see the living sculpture Stash became as I wore it as I was making it, frolicking on the beach in the sunshine: 

I started knitted it during the summer of 2023, on holiday, on various beaches in West Wales and Cornwall. Knitting on the beach is one of my favourite places to knit; wearing my work is definitely often part of my process of making too:

Please  read more about the research and development behind my Living sculptures here.

I am very grateful to be part of seam collective and everything that entails - from providing solidarity, the motivation to make new work, the opportunities to exhibit and trial installation methods, to discussing ideas and writing blog posts. Many thanks team seam!

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