Stop animation.

I made this animation during a residency, Mixing it up at The Garage, using a piece of canvas which was 2 square metres, a staple gun and my iPhone on a tripod. 

Inspired by conversations with Helen Acklam about her draped paintings and how drapery reveals and concealing parts of a sculpture , I was reminded of my undergraduate research about cloth as second skin and that the average surface area of an adult's skin is 2 square metres. 

In fact, I made four animations on a similar theme during my time in residence. Please have a look at the other animations I made::

My Frankenstein's monster

2 square metres

and visit my Animation page on my MA resrach website for more information about the making and thinking behind this series of animations.

I had made animations before, but with space, time and a tripod, I thought these worked well. Looking at them now, I realise that it would be interesting to pursue these ideas further... 

And why categorise them as sculpture? At the time I saw the process as expanded drawing but now I see them as living sculptures. If I look at my past work, it's clear to me that I have been fascinated by the possibility of animating sculpture for a long time.

  • Animatronics: I explored animatronics during my first degree, designing movement sensors so that viewers would trigger my sculptures to breathe.
  • Hanging: Hanging my sculptures means that they move spontaneously. 
  • Living sculptures: Wearing my sculptures, as I often do, and inviting participants to wear them, brings them alive
  • Pump action: Pumping fluid through knitted tubing

... so why not try animation?  I like the idea that they are 3 dimensional, moving forms, shapeshifting. 

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