I Knit therefore I am is an ongoing series of knitting performances in public. I started documenting my habit of knitting in public in 2012. It's just a snapshot of this practice, as it generally depends on me remembereing to ask someone to take a photo!

I find it hard to categorise I knit therefore I am. It isn’t really a performance, yet it is performative; I do genuinely knit whenever and wherever I can. It is about knitting, but it isn’t about one soft sculpture. It started in 2012, as a project for University, led by me; since then it's developed into a series of images of me knitting in public, taken by my partner, Dave or just images taken by me of the knitting in progress.

I knit therefore I am, 2019; knitting Red is the colour of..., 2019

I knit therefore I am, 2022; knitting Red is the colour of..., 2022

It's as if the performative knitting becomes part of the finished pieces. Knitting is slow labour, so it also marks time. I think there's also a sense of the mark of not only my hand, but also my body in the work. It's as if the knitting is an extension of myself. 

For more images of recent knitting in public and details of the research, development and ideas behind this work, please visit I knit therefore I am, 2020 on my MA Research website.


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