Some of my soft sculptures are on tour again! I'm part of the Bodies group residency, 12 artists from Synecdoche Art Community doing a month's residency throughout September in an empty shop, The Unit, in The Arcade in Broadmead, Bristol. I haven’t done anything like this before, so I’m excited to see what will happen. 

We’ve already started and we’ve set up a studio/testing/research space to explore ideas based around the body. There will be new work being made, as well as old work being displayed. I've already started work on an installation of the Baker family’s discarded clothes. I'm also giving them away! You will possibly recognise a couple of my soft sculptures on show, and I’m planning to make more while I’m there.

The space will change over the month as the work develops and as the group hosts events, collaborations, workshops and seminars. Different combinations of artists will be in residence each day; no two days will be the same. 

Come and see what we get up to!

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When they selected All the babies I might have had I for the exhibition Pattern at Fringe Arts Bath, the curators asked me whether I could write a bit about it. Their original intention was to cut out quotes in vinyl for the floor as part of the exhibition, so I have written it with that in mind. In the end they didn’t do that, but instead asked if they could put it on the Pattern website. It made me realise that I hadn’t ever publicised these thoughts and that it still makes me feel very vulnerable! It is based on my own experience and naturally provokes a strong response from others. It was one of my first conceptual pieces and it interests me that even then, in 2010, I was already making public that which is normally private, although I hadn’t yet identified that thread running through my work. I still find it a very moving and beautiful piece. I thoroughly enjoy the fact that each time it has been suspended it becomes something other.

Image: All the babies I might have had I, installed at Align, UWE, Bower Ashton Campus, Bristol, Nov. 2012

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I’m delighted to have had work selected for two exhibitions as part of Fringe Arts Bath which runs from 27th May to 12th June. The Private View for both is from 6 - 9 on Friday 27th May in each venue… I will be there! You’re warmly invited to come if you can. 

1. Cartesian Cut? - 146 Walcot Street, Bath, BA1 5BG  (There’s even an image of my work on the website!)

2. Pattern - 21/22 Milsom Place, off Milsom Street, Bath, BA1 1BZ (underneath Jamie’s Italian) 

If you can’t make the PV I’ll be invigilating all day at Pattern on Monday 6th June and Thursday 9th June and at Cartesian Cut? on Friday 10th June             

Hope to see you there!